YSArt Gallery

Art is you

Our art studio has been creating handmade paintings since 2005. These works of art are in the homes and offices of people all over the world

Only handmade work

Handmade exclusivity, quality in every detail
100% hand painted

Our paintings are 100% handcrafted. From creating the design to assembling the stretcher frame and frame, then painting the artwork, and finally packaging it

Handcrafted frame

For each painting, we have selected several colorful frames. Choose the framing that you like.

Textured surface

All our paintings are textured, and each one is unique.

Matching a painting to the interior

Free selection of the painting for your interior

100% hand painted
Handcrafted frame
hand made modern acrylic paint
landscape canvas painting

Your story in art

We create more than just decor. We create art that tells your story

Stay up to date with modern interior design trends by reading our online magazine

We've been publishing a magazine about what we've been doing for over 18 years.

Why ordering a painting from our gallery is convenient

Free shipping within 2-3 days. Reliable packaging ensures that the painting arrives intact.
Convenient payment options: we have integrated multiple methods, choose the one that suits you best.
We offer a discount on the first order - up to 15% off