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My name is Yuri Aravsky, and I am the founder of YS-Art company. In 2005, I had the idea to establish a small studio that would create original hand-painted artworks at affordable prices. I assembled a skilled team of artists and received positive feedback from our first clients.

As demand grew, we expanded our studio, and our artworks gained popularity worldwide. Over the years, we evolved into a large enterprise focusing on exclusive and unique paintings.

Each artwork is meticulously hand-painted by our artists, bearing their signature and a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its uniqueness. We never offer mass-produced prints; only exclusive originals. Holding one of our paintings, you'll be amazed by the result.

Our production cycle involves crafting the stretcher frame from natural wood, applying canvas, painting, and adding a layer of transparent varnish for protection. We take care of the environment and our clients' health, using high-quality, eco-friendly materials.

Our head office is located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and our team comprises skilled artists, designers, and photographers.

If you have any wishes, questions or suggestions on the quality of delivery improvement, work of managers, write me:
+130 568 69 304

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