How to hang wall paintings in a house without frames

How to hang wall paintings in a house without frames

May 27, 2024Yuriy Aravsky

Frameless wall paintings add a special charm and modernity to the interior, creating accents in the space, emphasizing the boldness, creativity, or individuality of the design.

By placing frameless paintings in the space, you get a number of advantages. So, what are the key points of using such paintings in your home, let's figure it out further.

First of all, buying a frameless painting will give your space a modern look, because they look minimalistic and do not visually overload the space. Frameless wall decor creates a feeling of lightness and simplicity that fits perfectly into the interiors in the style. The absence of a frame allows you to harmoniously fit the picture into the space without distracting attention from the plot itself.

Flexibility in design: frameless paintings can be easily combined to create collages or full-fledged galleries on the walls of your home or office. They are ideal for placing in thematic groups, where each painting complements the next, creating a coherent visual narrative.

Increase the space: the absence of a frame allows the picture's plot to merge with the wall, creating the illusion of more space. This is especially useful in smaller or narrow rooms where every centimetre counts.

The cost of a painting without a frame is usually lower, so this is also a definite advantage over more expensive paintings in frames. By choosing a canvas without a frame, you save on the cost of the frame. The absence of a frame makes such wall decor accessible to a wider range of customers and allows you to change it more often without significant financial costs.

Easy to install and maintain: Frameless paintings are easier to install on the wall because they are usually lighter in weight and do not require complicated fixings. They are also easier to maintain, as they do not require dusting the frame.

Adaptability to style: Frameless paintings fit into a variety of interior styles, from Scandinavian and minimalist to more eclectic or industrial. Their versatility allows you to implement a variety of design ideas.

Defining space: frameless paintings can act as visual anchors in a space, emphasizing or separating different areas in one room. This is especially true in open floor plans or studios.

Taking advantage of these advantages, you can significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your space, creating elegant and functional solutions at the same time. Frameless wall art opens up new possibilities for decorative expression and brings lightness to modern interiors.

So you have chosen and want to place frameless wall art in your space, creating a unique decorative design. Here are some tips to help you display your artwork in an effective and creative way.

Choosing a place

The first thing you need to pay attention to is choosing a place for the painting. It is important to consider the size of the wall and the painting, as well as the overall design of the room. Ideally, the painting should fit harmoniously into the space without overwhelming it. Place larger paintings on spacious walls and smaller ones in more intimate corners or between windows.

Preparing the painting

In order to hang a painting without a frame, you will need to prepare it accordingly. There are different methods to make a painting ready for hanging:

Mounting on a stretcher is one of the most popular ways. The painting is stretched over a wooden stretcher, which allows it to hang freely on the wall without additional fasteners.

In addition, there are special clips and mounts for paintings that can be purchased in specialized stores. They allow you to fix the painting to the wall without damaging it.

It should be noted that in our art studio, each painting is sent to the client ready for hanging, so you do not need to spend time choosing a hanging method.

Hanging technique

If you want to create a gallery, place several paintings of horizontal orientation on the same level. This will create the effect of integrity and order. You can also place several paintings of different sizes and shapes, combining them into one visual row. This approach will add dynamics and a modern look to your interior.


Lighting plays an equally important role in how the painting will be perceived in the space. Depending on where the painting will be placed, daylight or general artificial light in the room may be enough, or you may need to install additional light. Using directional light or LED panels will emphasize and fully reveal the beauty of your painting and make it the centre of attention in the room.

Caring for paintings

After the painting has been placed in your space and has been delighting you with its beauty for some time, remember that it also requires special care. Regularly check the condition of the mounts to avoid dropping or damaging it. Also, pay attention to protecting the artwork from direct sunlight, which can affect the brightness of the colours. In our art studio, to further protect the colours from fading, we cover them with water-based acrylic varnish.

So, frameless paintings are a great opportunity to be creative and update the interior of your home. And with our tips, you can create a stylish and cosy space that will delight you and your guests.

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